Success StoriesForce Factor Muscles Up Its Digital Advertising

How Tapstone beefed up the sports nutrition brand’s digital ad results – from lightweight to ripped in less than a month.

The Client: Sports Nutrition Brand – Force Factor

Force Factor, a leading sports nutrition brand, delivers the best in sports nutrition with premium ingredients and expertly formulated supplements. Founded in 2009, the company won GNC’s prestigious Rising Star award in its first year. Five years on and Force Factor is now trusted by thousands of professional athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters, and fitness enthusiasts around the world to deliver what their bodies need to build lean muscle fast, burn fat, recover safely, and perform at the highest level with explosive energy.

In partnership with Tapstone, the nutrition brand has successfully used targeted digital advertising to grow the number of its global online orders.

The Challenge: Adding Value to the Media Mix

In October of 2012, Force Factor was already investing in digital advertising campaigns. But the brand’s savvy media team recognized that their ad spend was not meeting its full potential and sought out additional partners to complement their existing media mix. At this point, Tapstone stepped in and initiated a trial for Force Factor, confident that its approach of combining proprietary technology, automation, and expertise could dramatically increase the type of results Force Factor was looking for – acquiring new customers.

And they did just that.

The Campaign: Trial, Scale, and Grow

Tapstone launched a 30-day trial campaign, during which the team leveraged its specific targeting and optimization methodology to exceed the client’s expectations. With just a $5,000 initial budget, the test delivered 100 new customers. The trial’s clear success gave Force Factor the confidence to scale the campaign, and they enlisted Tapstone as a key partner.

The Results: Customer and Sales Growth

Since first testing, Tapstone has been able to continue to produce those impressive results at scale, delivering Force Factor tens of thousands of new customers overall, more than a thousand each month.

“Core to our success with results-driven campaigns is the skill and ability of our team, plus our technology, to respond to the data we receive through our platform. We are continuously pulling data on the traction of our campaigns so we can ‘turn up’ what’s working and ‘turn down’ what is not performing. Being able to make these alterations in real-time can make or break the success of a campaign,” said Jonathan David, CEO of Tapstone.

“We’ve appreciated very much the Tapstone team’s dedication to helping us grow the Force Factor brand. They’ve put a lot of resources behind it and we’d like to think it’s been beneficial for both parties. We would recommend Tapstone to any other brand looking to successfully run digital media campaigns,” added Mike Kaplan, Senior Media Buyer for Force Factor.

The Future: Global Expansion and World Domination

With continuing support from Tapstone’s team of media experts, Force Factor is focused on building a multi-product, multi-channel, multi-geography platform as part of an ongoing growth strategy.

“We’re excited to be growing internationally and soon will be running media in five countries. We look forward to Tapstone being a part of that growth,” said Kaplan.

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