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Remember when TV advertising was King and you could generate the customer response you wanted through a simple ad in a national paper? No, neither do we. Traditional advertising is stagnant, if not yet in full decline, and it has been for years. Native for Direct Response advertising, the approach that Tapstone pioneered, is the new king. Want to know why?

When the advertising industry, reeling from the decreasing effectiveness of its offline campaigning, moved in to the digital arena, everyone swooned for new online ad formats. For a time, banner advertising and its ilk, helped advertisers stem the blood loss from their traditional campaign approaches. But fast-forward to 2016 and those formats have become little more than a commodity, and audiences have ‘banner fatigue,’ ‘feed blindness’ and a healthy cynicism that continues to impact click-thru-rates.

This is where native advertising steps in. Native is an ad format that takes on the look and feel of the context within which it is placed.

Due to page positioning and creative content, a typical native advertorial piece can be less disruptive to an audience’s experience and offer greater potential for consumer engagement, education and ultimately, desired action.

When Tapstone formed, we did so based upon the passionate belief that this form of advertising could, with Tapstone’s proprietary technology, become the future of scalable, results-driven campaigns for brands across the globe. Now, the rest of the industry appears to be in agreement.

Here’s what the latest research says:

BI Insider predicted that by 2021, native ad revenue will account for 74 percent of the total US display ad revenue.

Native ad spend will reach more than $8.8 billion in 2018, according to estimates from market research firm, Statista.

In next 12 months, a huge number of brands will be testing native advertising. Sadly, not all testers will realize Native’s full potential, because not all Native approaches are equal.

At Tapstone, we go far beyond ‘typical’ – we combine the attractive look and feel of Native Advertising with the very tangible results driven capabilities of direct marketing (the end result being our Native for Direct Response platform). To do this we provide multiple creatives for every campaign so we can test and develop the ‘uber’ creative – the one with the greatest proven ability to drive the activity an advertiser wants to achieve.

We attract audiences to the advertorial content and then – rather than sending that audience off to another site if they wish to continue learning more – we direct them through our protected pipeline so they don’t get distracted mid-interest.

We also provide the rare gift of real time monitoring, reporting and optimization – so brands aren’t waiting days or weeks to see results and optimize in response, it’s happening continually, so a campaign is always at its best.

These ‘extra mile’ steps are the reason why Tapstone has been continually growing in this channel and has been able to scale so many ROI positive campaigns. These are the reasons that once a brand tests with Tapstone, we are more than confident that they too will agree – Native for Direct Response is the new king of the digital advertising arena.

If you’d like to learn more about the Tapstone approach, please get in touch.

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