Ad TechNative advertisingDigital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising, Data & Decision Making: The Deloitte CMO Study Results

Deloitte’s biannual CMO Survey was published again this week, sharing the priorities and concerns of 2,800 marketing leaders across a wide variety of industries.

In short, digital ad spending is way up, traditional ad markets are flat as a pancake, and traditional advertising is still reporting a significant struggle to incorporate meaningful measurement techniques.

Fortunately, Tapstone’s Native Advertising for Direct Response approach, enables our clients to leverage the power of digital advertising to generate real results and meaningful data.  Data that can help support your daily business decision making.

But it seems that our clients might be the very smart exception, rather than the rule….

Here’s the low down on the survey details:

According to Deloitte’s numbers, digital ad spending continues to increase, and has risen 14% per year on average vs. traditional ad spending.  In fact, the same survey illustrates that traditional ad spending is flat and showing no signs of growth at all.

For anyone already using Native advertising – the driving force behind the digital ad sector’s growth – you’ve seen how well this particular form of digital advertising delivers.

If you haven’t tried Native, why continue the same degree of spending on your less effective, traditional advertising approaches?

Tapstone’s Native for Direct Response advertising, not only delivers stellar results, but it also resolves another of the concerns raised in the survey – a lack of adequate tools and processes for measuring success.

As a result of this inadequacy, more than 60% of the marketers surveyed, said they do not use analytics data in their everyday decision making.

What a Loss!

Without readily available data to back up your daily decision making in marketing, how can you truly measure what is working and what is not?

Digital advertising has given the opportunity to get so much more information in shorter and shorter turnaround time.

At Tapstone, we provide our clients with split testing and real-time results, the ability to constantly monitor and adjust your digital presence to produce your desired outcomes and to understand consumer responses, click by click. This capability is built in.

So, if you’re already benefiting from the results delivery and data capture consider the Deloitte survey results as a ‘thumbs up’ – you’re using digital advertising to build success and you’re taking care of that measurement concern.

If you’re not already benefiting from the best that Native advertising has to offer, then consider these survey results as your wakeup call – digital advertising continues to grow so you need to get on board. What’s more, the smart marketers will get on board with a process that takes care of that big concern – how to measure success and use that data to inform your daily decision making.

If you want to get better results from your advertising spend AND meaningful, real-time data, connect with the Tapstone team now for your free consultation.



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