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Our Founder & CEO, Jonathan David, is looking forward to speaking at the OMMA Display conference on July 24th, here in our hometown of sunny Los Angeles. He’ll be speaking on the topic of mobile real-time bidding. Here’s the session synopsis:

Is Mobile Real Time Ready For Prime Time?
Like eyeballs and time spent, programmatic platforms are migrating to mobile even faster than they are technologically prepared. Twitter and its MoPub are cutting mega-deals with Madison Ave. The major supply side platforms are rushing in to buy or build mobile extensions, and many major media are already complementing their mobile native ads with in-feed units from private and open exchanges. But is the infrastructure of data, targeting and accountability up to the challenge of a mobile migration? Is cross-platform tracking and attribution really better than a year or two ago? Has the absent cookie issue been solved, really? Are these ads performing yet for buyers and sellers, or is the market getting ahead of itself?

In advance of the conference Jonathan said, “Here at Tapstone we constantly evaluate our buying process to ensure clients receive the best possible Return On Ad Spend. To do so, we keep our finger firmly on the pulse of new technologies and platforms, including the currently popular RTB platforms – that experience, knowledge and insight is what I hope to offer the discussion at OMMA RTB.”

This year the OMMA Real-Time Buying Conference will be exploring the growing pains and challenges ahead for RTB. Here’s what the conference organizers have to say about the event’s focus:

Programmatic platforms seem poised to devour the world of advertising only four years after that puzzling RTB acronym became familiar. But now the game gets serious – as high CPM video, direct, mobile and even TV inventory starts leveraging these technologies and the platforms become core to both buying and selling. Time for a maturity check. Are these technologies, processes, and ready to grow up? As the longest running conference series on all things programmatic, OMMA RTB, enters its third year of international gatherings on the topic, we grill industry leaders on whether the exchange economy really has met and overcome its challenges.

Want more info on the conference – check it out here:
If you’re coming along to OMMA RTB and would like to meet up you can reach the Tapstone team at

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