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Nobody panic. But the holidays are right around the corner. Cue days and weeks of browsing the internet, the mall, the stars and anything else you can think of, in the hope of landing on just the right gift for that very special ad person in your life. Well, fret no more. Tapstone is here to save the day. We have polled our team and scoured the internet to find the perfect gift for the very lucky ad person in your life. And if you are an ad person – let’s give those loved ones a not-so-subtle reminder of what we really want this year. Tweet away!

Here’s what your Ad Team really wants:

Creatives. They just love to see their whimsy brand of visual genius brought to life. This innovative 3D printer from tool brand Dremel will be their new favorite medium. Let their creative flag fly.

Account Execs. Always on the phone, email and messenger, staying in touch with clients and communicating back to the ad team. Given they are already surgically attached to their phones let’s give them some super cool headphones to enjoy a few minutes of musical downtime on the go. The popular choice in our office? Beats By Dre.

Media Buyers. Your buyers are tracking key performance indicators 24/7, they are optimizing buys at all hours, staying on top of your ad spend around the clock. Let’s make sure they’re running on time with the latest addition to the wearable stable – Samsung’s stylish watch

Ad Sales. These guys travel the world and set hundreds of meetings to make sure the rest of the team can direct their talent and energies for the most exciting brands. Let’s keep them on their toes with a (healthy) dose of caffeine, and the good stuff too. Espresso, go!

The CEO. He wishes he could be everywhere. He can’t be. But this can….go, go gadget drone!

You’re welcome!

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