Savvy Advertisers Reach Baby Boomers with Tapstone’s Approach to Native Media

June 20, 2018

If you’re reading this blog, you no doubt already know that Native Advertising is the fastest growing segment of digital advertising. But did you also know it is proving to be hugely successful for brands targeting Baby Boomers and Senior Audiences? Check out the full story from the expert Tapstone team (as published on Yahoo Finance) below:

Native Advertising, the fastest growing segment of digital advertising, has developed a reputation as the ‘hot new thing’ for reaching younger generations online.

Tapstone, the pioneer of ‘Native-for-Direct Response’ and leader of the latest trends in the native advertising market, is excited to reveal its impressive success in targeting a less expected market – that of Baby Boomers and Senior Audiences.

‘Native’ advertising is advertising that takes on the look and feel of surrounding editorial content, often in the form of ‘advertorials’ that are similar in content and style to that of the site it is placed upon.

Tapstone’s ‘Native-for-Direct Response’ approach goes even further and is an advertorial format that delivers the superior look and feel of native but with the tangible results of Direct Response Advertising.

So what’s the secret to the native format’s success within the Baby Boomer market?

Tapstone CEO Jonathan David says the native format capitalizes on Baby Boomers’ unique online behavior:

“Boomers are readers, not skimmers – they seek more detailed information and are comfortable with longer format advertising that native is designed to deliver. That means we can target the customer specifically through sites that support those reading habits, as well as through the detailed information we provide in the advertising copy. Once educated about the product or service advertised, these target customers are readily converted to take action.”

Tapstone clients who cater to Baby Boomers and Seniors with targeted products — including such verticals as insurance, retirement investing, home improvement and travel — are benefitting from huge returns on their advertising spend using Tapstone’s approach to native media, with some seeing returns of up to 5x their media spend.

Tapstone will continue to onboard clients in the Baby Boomer ‘sweet spot’ industries as the success of its service continues to provide advertisers with stellar results.”

Get your successful Baby Boomer campaign started now. Ask Tapstone how.

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