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… Native advertising delivers more positive response than traditional digital media.


Because it contributes value to the viewers’ online experience, by presenting relevant content that really reflects their enthusiasm, while not interrupting the online experience with clunky pop ups and irrelevant offers.

Here’s the full Forbes article from contributor Kelly Ehlers:

Stay Ahead Of Content Marketing Trends This Year

There’s no denying that 2016 delivered some groundbreaking content marketing trends, from Facebook Live to Instagram Stories and a whole load of Snapchat filters. At Ideas That Evoke, we love these innovative social tools. They can be quirky and funny, but they’re also crucial to reaching audiences that are spending more and more time on these platforms. Each tool has a strength and a reason to use it.

To make content marketing work, businesses have to adjust to where their audience members are. That doesn’t mean that every business should have a Snapchat account.

Instead, focusing on strengthening content and putting it on the best strategic channels can make your brand stand out in a big way. In 2017, you can count on businesses and consumers alike to begin utilizing these tools to grow both their brand and their following.

Here are a few more ways stay ahead of the content game in 2017:

Native Advertising
Why is native advertising so important today? Filters. I’m not talking about a spam filter or a water filter, but the ability for people to filter out advertisements on their feeds, websites and basically any other platform. Millennials do not like to be talked at. They have the ability to pick and choose what they see, and they heavily filter their feeds.

Gone are the days of simply showing a product on the sidebar of Facebook. Today’s ads need to evolve from advertisements to content. This starts with interactive posts that can get the user involved and actively thinking about the brand. Hard, straight sells are going to be quickly glanced over and forgotten, or even seen as intrusive.

Using content to tell a story while remaining honest and authentic to the brand’s voice will create more trust with your target audience, bringing them back to you again and again.

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