Native advertisingNative: The Growth Continues

Well, that didn’t take long!

Late last year, Tapstone HQ was abuzz about a new research report from eMarketer, predicting that in 2017, Native Advertising would rocket to the forefront of the digital display industry, and ultimately account for $20 billion dollars of budget spend.

The Tapstone team, led by CEO Jonathan David, was seeing skyrocketing interest in Native first hand, but having industry-wide data to support the Native success we had envisioned years earlier, was satisfying, to say the least!

But now, before the digital ad industry has even completed the first quarter of 2017, eMarketer has had to update its expectations to reflect an even bigger increase in Native Ad spending than it first predicted.

The latest forecast indicates that native digital display will make up almost 53 % of ALL display advertising in the US, that’s a growth of a whopping 36 % this year alone, to reach a total spend of more than $22 billion.

Why does Native keep growing so furiously?

Simple – when a Native campaign is designed and managed by experts, it can deliver results at an unprecedented level.

It does so by adding rather than detracting from a user’s online experience – native doesn’t pop up and take you away from your other interests, it blends with your preferred content and complements your interests.

Native campaigns offer targeted campaign opportunities through which users get educated about the advertiser’s product or service, in a way that is relevant to the user. And remember – an educated customer is your best customer.

Native – at least the way we approach it here at Tapstone, can be optimized 24/7, ensuring that it is always performing at its best – no wasting budget for a week before using data insights to improve campaign creative and results!

Nobody likes a know-it-all, but the team at Tapstone can’t help but be a little proud of our vast Native knowledge. We identified the native opportunity several years ago and have been leading our clients to dramatic results with our unique approach, ‘Native for Direct Response’ long before ‘Native’ was the ad industry buzzword du jour!

If you want to get your company on board with successful native campaigns, the Tapstone team is always here to help. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and learn how this growing ad format can help your can help your company grow too!

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