Native advertisingHow Tapstone Predicts Future Performance: One Native Advertising Campaign at a Time

At Tapstone, we pride ourselves on being able to see the future. When an advertiser comes to us to consider a Native Advertising campaign, we can predict, with uncanny accuracy, the outcome of that campaign, before it’s even been developed.

How, you ask? Is the Tapstone team clairvoyant? Read tea leaves? Perhaps we have a crystal ball?

No…. we have something better… we have DATA. Lots and lots and lots of it.

Using proprietary information collected from hundreds of campaigns, billions of impressions served each month, and thousands of creative iterations we have developed our own special kind of clairvoyance when it comes to Native Advertising campaign success.

Here’s how Tapstone works:

Step 1: The advertiser tells us the product or service they are promoting, the target audience they seek, the result or action they want and the target they want to pay per action.

Step 2: We then run the numbers through our proprietary projection database, and report back how many of the desired actions are available at that “Cost Per Action.”

Best of all?

We share the love.

You don’t have to be a Tapstone client to tap into our ‘clairvoyance’ (although we’re confident you soon will be when you get a taste of what we can deliver).

If you want to know what you could achieve with a Native Advertising campaign, contact us here to start your very own campaign projection.

Let us predict your results before you commit, and most importantly, before you spend a dime!


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