Native advertisingNative by the Numbers: The Super-Growth Continues

The research team over at Business Intelligence has been keeping a close eye on the growth of the Native Advertising market for almost as long as Tapstone has been leading it!

Last year, the Business Intelligence team predicted that by 2021, native ad revenue will account for 74 percent of the total US display ad revenue. In short, by 2021, if not well before, Native will be the go-to for display advertisers.

And here’s the evidence from the research team’s Q1 2017 reports. The data continues to speak for itself when it comes to the rapid pace of growth in Native Advertising adoption rates…

….The number of ad buyers purchasing native ads increased 74% year on year in Q1 2017. This is the largest increase of any ad format measured by the Business Intelligence team.

What’s fueling this massive growth of Native Advertising?

That Native Advertising formats outperform traditional ad units.

That they generate higher click-through rates.

That consumers report valuing native content far more than traditional digital advertising formats.

That’s what’s fueling it!

If you’re not yet using Native advertising as part of your direct response strategy you are in serious danger of being left behind.

Tapstone can help.

Contact our expert team now to get on the express road to Native Advertising success.


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