Native advertisingIs there anything Native can’t do?!

Here’s something we just had to share with you – the Native Advertising Institute (NAI) recently published the results of a research project assessing the impact of native advertising campaigns on more than 8000 consumers.

You can check out the key findings from article below, or visit the NAI website for the full info, but spoiler alert:

  • Following native ad exposure, consumers reported a 50 per cent greater readiness to buy. Native fills your sales pipeline!
  • Native advertising increased consumer interest in the advertiser brand, unlike more intrusive formats that can be a big turn off for users
  • Native ad campaigns significantly improved consumer perception of the brand being advertised. Want your customers to feel warm and fluffy about you? Native can deliver that too!

This isn’t news to the Tapstone team or our clients – we’ve long seen the dramatic returns on investment that expertly managed native campaigns can offer.

But if you’re yet to test Native, this might be just the encouragement you were looking for to pull the trigger! Get in touch for a free consultation with our team and you could get started today.


Here are the five most important takeaways in full – as published by the Native Advertising Institute:

  1. Native content sparks interest

Clearly, the first step towards marketing a product or brand successfully is to engage the users. But is native advertising actually capable of creating this all-important curiosity? It is! Surveys showed that thanks to the reviewed campaigns, on average, the activation level was increased by 16.5 percent.

Moreover, further actions related to the advertiser’s products or brands were also encouraged. In fact, the users gather information beyond the native content by, for example, visiting the company’s website, with a 70 percent increase achieved here through native advertising.

  1. Readiness to buy increases by 50 percent

If until now you thought that native advertising is not the right tool to influence sales, you must obviously have been mistaken. Not only does native content seem to attract the users’ attention, it even has a positive influence on their readiness to buy. The study reveals that sparked interest ultimately leads to actually purchasing the products.

On average, a 50 percent increase in the users’ readiness to buy was noticed across all industries. Moreover, outstanding results were achieved in the FMCG sector where the users decided to buy the product 93.4 percent times more often.

  1. Native advertising boosts the image of brands

When reviewing the campaigns, significant increases in awareness became obvious. Furthermore, native advertising managed to boost the image by 11.4 percent, making it the ideal tool for companies who specifically wanted to influence their image.

Moreover, the positioning as an expert was increased by an impressive 37 percent. So, if you may be wondering how to best emphasise your company’s professionalism, native advertising proves to be a promising option!

  1. Users seem to increasingly sympathise with advertisers

 In times of the ad blocker boom, brands have to try to make the users appreciate their advertising efforts or even sympathise with them – a difficult endeavour. However, the respondents featured in the study said that native advertising also changes brand awareness.

The reviewed campaigns managed to create an increase in brand likability by 15.6 percent on average. Especially campaigns in the finance, automotive and tourism sectors succeeded in achieving an increase that was clearly above average.

  1. The users like native content

Rest assured – native advertising proves to be very popular among the users. Overall, more than 60 percent of the respondents awarded positive ratings to the reviewed campaigns. In particular, native articles regarding the corporate segments of pharmaceuticals, tourism and catering strongly appeal to the users. So, given these ideal conditions, it is highly likely that your customers will like the products they purchased just as much as they liked the advertising.

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