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The very latest eMarketer research on Native advertising adoption is out, and it shows that advertisers continue to flock to the Native medium. However, levels of more mature, mainstream adoption have remained steady between 2015 and 2016.

What does that mean?

These findings from eMarketer suggest that the Native appeal to new media buyers continues as advertisers come in droves to explore the latest that digital advertising can provide – namely i) the opportunity to add, not detract from your prospective customers’ media experience, ii) to educate them on your product and service, and iii) to encourage them to take a desired action.

These new buyers define themselves as “just beginning to adopt”, in this latest study from eMarketer, and the number has increased from 44 per cent of advertisers to 57 per cent of advertisers between 2015 and 2016.

However, more mature adoption, those who self-identified in the study as a “mainstream adopters” of Native media – has remained at 33 per cent. For some this may all be in the semantics of how they define themselves, but for others this may be a response to their own challenges Native advertising presents if not guided by experienced professionals.

As we’ve noted before, Native marketing has inherent challenges if you don’t have expertise, and
campaigns can suffer from a lack of optimization and misspent budget, as a result. These challenges  combined with reliance on an agency that does not have expertise in native, has likely meant that those ‘beginning adopters’ identified in the eMarketer research, have often been left disappointed, or not quite realizing the full potential of Native.

Fortunately, these are the challenges that the Tapstone approach (Native for Direct Response) completely overcomes!

We Can Help!

If you’ve yet to test Native advertising, or if you’ve had an experience with Native advertising that didn’t leave you blown away and absolutely convinced of its benefit, then you need to contact us.

Let Tapstone run the numbers through our unique prediction process. Tapstone can accurately predict your results using our innovative system of data and technology, before you spend a dime of your budget.




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