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It’s been a high-growth 2016 for the Native advertising industry, and here at Tapstone we’re looking forward to even more exciting developments in 2017. Here’s Tapstone’s founder and CEO, Jonathan David, predicting the major moves to look out for from the Native Advertising industry in the year ahead:

“According to Business Insider, by 2021, 74 percent of all US digital display advertising spend is expected to be directed to native advertising with US Native Display Ad revenue expected rack up $16-17 billion for the past year.  In 2017, the same research suggests that US Native Display Ad revenue will reach near $21 billion and account for far more than half of all display advertising revenue. This aligns with what we are seeing in terms of budget dedication as we approach the end of 2016 and lay out plans for 2017 campaigns.

As the Native advertising market matures, performance increases and it creates even better monetization opportunities for publishers, we expect that publishers will allocate more advertising inventory, previously earmarked as display, to native formats. This increase in the availability of inventory will spur further growth not only in revenues for Native, but also in creativity of its format offerings and use.

Simultaneously we predict significant sophistication of custom native integration from publishers, and, as the technology improves to allow it, also in the relevancy of ads being shown in any given ad unit. This movement will generate a win-win cycle within the Native industry, in which users have even better experiences of the advertisements being presented to them, and that this produces greater results for advertisers. Showcasing how advertisers can seamlessly support a positive online experience for a user, rather than being an intrusive or off-point addition, will benefit the ad industry as a whole.

Tapstone also predicts that 2017 will be the year in which we see the market of native develop, creating greater separation between demand and supply side services, echoing the development of the traditional display advertising market over the last decade.

The display network and programmatic exchange marketplace initially prioritized publisher needs by creating a whole host of tools and resources on the supply side. Advertiser’s naturally flowed to this demand as it was created, but weren’t the primary focus of the networks until Demand Side Platforms emerged to serve, as their primary focus, these advertiser needs.

As in the display market at its outset, supply side services in the Native arena are proliferating, but demand side Native? With the exception of Tapstone which serves advertisers with the knowledge and tools required to create, execute and benefit from first class native ad campaigns, it’s almost non-existent. Expect others to follow our lead.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Native advertising could help your brand in 2017, contact the Tapstone team for your free consultation today, by emailing: info@tapstone.com

Happy New Year Everyone!




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