Native Advertising Set to Rocket on Mobile by 2020

April 6, 2018

Mobile ad spending has been surging for the past few years. This probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise when you consider that smart phones, according to Adobe’s Digital Insights research and people with like, eyes and stuff, are the go-to device for getting online for most consumers.

Despite this surge in ad spend, the amount being spent still actually lags a little behind what ‘should’ be spent given the proportion of media time spent via mobile phone. That means there’s a lot more spend likely to come the way of mobile in the next year. We can even predict how that spend will be directed…

…According to Facebook Audience Network research, 63% of all mobile ads will be native by 2020. That’s going to be keeping the Native Advertising industry busy!

So why is it that native will account for such a large proportion of these growing mobile ads?

Well, to not put too finer a point on it, it’s because traditional display advertising struggles to translate to mobile. The ads take up space, a lot of it, and can be tricky, not to mention downright annoying, to navigate around. That’s a sure fire way to alienate your prospective customers before they’ve even got the message you’re touting.

And next there’s that – the message.

If that old saying ‘content is king’ is still true then ‘relevant’ content must be some kind of modern-day deity to which all advertisers should bow down. Relevance is everything to increasingly internet savvy consumers and that’s where Native has its super powers.

Native units are designed to not only compliment the page and do so just as well on mobile as they do on desktop, but are also purposefully and carefully considered to ensure their relevance to the viewer. Native ads are designed to ensure that the content users are exposed to reflects their interests or deepens the experience they’re having on the web page.

Millennials and others, are taking note of this care and attention – research shows that internet users are most likely to report mobile advertising as having increased in relevance to them in the past two years.

So in short, mobile advertising is leaning heavily on native format to provide relevant, non-annoying content to its users + the users are noticing and appreciating it.

If you’re a business attempting to reach prospective customers online, mobile advertising is an important medium for your next year. If you’re not already doing it – let’s talk, we can help.

If you are advertising on mobile but haven’t yet made the leap to Native formats, let’s talk! The Tapstone team can help you get set up and maximizing your ROI in no time.

Don’t be the annoying traditional advertiser on mobile. Nobody likes that guy.

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