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In June this year, Proctor & Gamble, like many other businesses large and small, cut their spending on digital advertising – specifically traditional display. The company – owner of brands like Oral-B, Tide and Bounty – cut more than $100 million in marketing spend in that quarter with no negative impact on its business.

Why Should I Care What P & G Does with Their Marketing Budget?

This is a big deal for P & G and for everyone whose product and service is marketed online. It means that those display ads were ineffective, so when they stopped, it did not decrease the company’s sales.

Unfortunately, traditional display is letting advertisers down all over the place.

If you’ve been tracking the advertising industry like we do here at Tapstone, you’ll know that Proctor and Gamble are not alone in tiring of the ineffectiveness of digital display advertising. In fact, analyst house, Forrester, forecasts a potential decrease in display spending of $2.9 billion in 2018.

Are you still allocating budget digital display?

Traditional Display Advertising Plummets, But Consumers Continue to Spend Online

But at the same time as businesses give up on digital display as an effective way to recruit customers online, online shopping is reaching an unprecedented peak.

In 2017, for the first time, American shoppers, surveyed by Deloitte, plan to spend more money online than in brick and mortar retail this holiday season…. and the trend will no doubt continue in that direction.

Businesses that are allocating budget to digital display will miss out – and not only on this holiday season spending but also in the years that follow.

But How Do I Reach Customers Online if Display Doesn’t Work?

Through Native Advertising.

Native Advertising is the fastest growing segment of the digital marketing industry and with good reason – it seamlessly provides prospective customers with information and education about your product in a format that doesn’t disrupt their digital experience. Through creative Native Advertising, consumers can learn everything they need to feel informed and give themselves permission to buy.

Unlike the fading display format, Native Advertising can be held completely accountable for its performance and direct results can be tracked and reported. That means no more sneaky sales strategies from digital agencies that make it hard to see your ROI, no pulling the wool over your eyes with complicated “post view attribution with re-targeting” type smoke and mirrors, and much more ‘getting the job done for the predicted budget within the planned timeframe’. Now that’s what we call a Happy Holiday Season.

If you want to ditch your underperforming display campaigns and get started with a successful Native Advertising campaign, Tapstone can get you up and running before the holiday rush.

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