EVP of Sales & Marketing, Andrew Steiner joined the Tapstone team in 2016. An advertising industry veteran and master of all things marketing, we thought it only right that Andrew take on the ‘Quick-Fire-Four’ to introduce himself…

What’s your role on the Tapstone team?

I wear two distinct, but very integrated hats at Tapstone. As a creative executive, I oversee a very talented creative staff. As the EVP of Sales & Marketing, I oversee a team of highly experienced marketers that are responsible for driving Native for Performance content that converts. My role includes interfacing and strategizing with clients and internal teams, and producing all components of a successful performance campaign. From onboarding clients to content creation, to optimizing the perfect sales funnel for each client. I make it a point to ensure our ideas are always measured – down to the last penny.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Each client is unique, and so are each of their campaigns. My favorite part of the job is becoming a ‘consumer’ and challenging our teams to dig deep to create solutions for each of our client’s needs.

Why Native advertising?

In short, because it allows me to combine two of my workplace passions – measurable results and creativity. Native Advertising is the closest thing to direct response marketing that the digital marketplace provides so it can definitely deliver on my need to work with clear and measurable results at the same time as allowing for creative flare in the way content educates prospective customers. That’s the draw for me and the reason the work will never get old!

What do you enjoy in your spare time? 

After a long day of being a creative mastermind, Andrew enjoys listening to his latest audiobook on his typically long, L.A commute, and kicking back with his wife Tanya and beloved dog, Jackie.

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