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Here’s a quick breakdown of great article from our friends at Ad Week, outlining what we at Tapstone see and share with our clients everyday… (the full article is here)

For anyone not yet in the know, Native Advertising is advertising that takes on the look and feel of its surrounding content and in doing so delivers a ton of fantastic opportunities to advertisers – including adding rather than detracting from your prospect’s online experience, not annoying them with irritating and irrelevant ads.

Native Advertising also offers far greater opportunities to provide real education to your prospective customers than any other digital display option.


Because the success of Native Advertising stems from its ability to target a specific audience and tailor the content appropriately.

Here are the top takeaways from the article):

  1. 70 percent of consumers say they’d rather learn about products through content than traditional advertising.
  2. 85 percent of internet users don’t feel that their browsing experience is hindered by native ads. 
  3. Native Advertising is 53 percent more frequently looked at by consumers than display
  4. 32 percent of the respondents to survey even went ahead to say that they would share Native Advertising with friends and family.
  5. Only 19 percent would share traditional ads.

Consumers are generally more likely to engage with content that is relevant to them at that moment.

What Does This Mean for You as a Marketer?

It means that you could start spending more time and money advertising to an audience that really cares and nurturing quality leads instead of shooting in the dark with every banner ad you create.

Native Advertising is just about everywhere, but an average consumer is unlikely to see a good one. Why? Because when they are done well, they won’t even know it’s advertising.

Want to know how you can tap the benefits of Native Advertising for your business?  

Tapstone, the Pioneers in Native for Direct Response is here to help.  Contact us today.






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